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Site: HIL Academy
Course: Learning resources (Learning resources)
Glossary: FAQ

How do I download VHIL (Virtual HIL) software?

If you have not already done it, register at HIL Academy and enroll in the HIL Specialist Certification course. The download link for your copy of Virtual HIL software  is given in the Introduction to the course. VHIL is needed to attend the online courses, develop authored examples and run models in the virtual environment.

How do I get technical help with my nomination?

Please send an email to and a member of Typhoon HIL will contact you.

How do I link obtained certificates with the application for the competition?

HIL Academy certificates of your team members are linked to your competition application in an online application tool at "My Research Group" administration page. The procedure is maximally streamlined:  simply insert email address or certificate codes for your group members and save changes. Please note that you must be logged in as an educator and administrator of your research group/institution in order to have access to this page.

How do I obtain Typhoon HIL Specialist certificates?

Please register at HIL Academy, enroll in the HIL Specialist Certification course, watch the tutorial and pass an online certification exam. The estimated workload for finishing the course is between 10 and 12 hours. The course and certification are completely free.

How to apply for other Academic Program benefits?

All institutions registered for the Typhoon HIL academic program that meet the requirements can apply for internships program for their students, co-financing of conference visits, online academic support services, and onsite hands-on trainings. Applications for these additional benefits of the Academic Program can be submitted by the research group administrator using online application forms.


What are the requirements to be met in order to compete for the prize?

  • Your organization or research group (henceforth: you) should have at least 25 team members (students and/or educators) certified with a currently valid* Typhoon HIL Specialist certificate
  • You created at least one authored example and shared it with other Typhoon HIL software users
  • You created one tutorial/explainer video and shared it with Typhoon HIL
  • You snapped a team picture with Typhoon HIL hardware and/or software clearly visible and shared it with Typhoon HIL


*The certificate is valid for one year from the day the individual gets certificated.

What are the terms/conditions and time limits of use?

All academic institutions/research groups registered for the Typhoon HIL Academic Program can use Typhoon HIL academic resources offered at HIL Academy (including VHIL software) at no charge for academic use only. 

What is considered “academic use”?

  • Offerings provided by Typhoon HIL through the Academic Program may be used for teaching, learning, and non-commercial research. The offerings may be used in lecture notes, presentations, and assignments for courses taught at an accredited academic institution.  
  • Non-commercial research is the kind of research the results of which will be published as public domain, at open access platforms or in scientific journals which can be accessed by the public, and not the kind of research the results of which are available exclusively to the sponsoring organization. If the research results are the exclusive property of a specific organization, this is considered “research for hire,” and it does not qualify as non-commercial research. If the results are to be published in conference proceedings or technical journals, the use is acceptable. 

What support is available for end users (educators and students) in the event of technical problems?

Support services for registered academic institutions and research groups participating in the Academic Program includes the following two types of support:

  • answers to your VHIL deployment and troubleshooting questions via email
  • access to VHIL product documentation, reference manuals and public discussion forums

What training is available for registered academic institutions/research groups?

Registered institutions and/or research groups can apply for onsite hands-on trainings provided by Typhoon HIL specialists using an online application form. On-site trainings are always designed for advanced Typhoon HIL software users. The main prerequisite for all attendees for on-site trainings is to pass introductory online courses at HIL Academy and obtain HIL Specialist certificates before the training.

Who can apply for 10 for 10 competition?

The following registered academic organization types or groups can apply for  the Typhoon HIL Awards program - 10 for 10 competition:

  • A diploma/degree-granting college or university (undergraduate, master and/or PhD program)
  • A research institution in, but not limited to, power electronics and electrical engineering
  • An individual department at a college/university
  • A research group, i.e. a group of users (researchers) belonging to the same university or university department