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License notice

New users

If you haven’t used Typhoon HIL software before, you should know that the software license for this course is based on our premium toolboxes package and provides all the toolboxes required to use the features and library components demonstrated throughout the course. You only need to import the HIL Academy license file once you’ve installed the software. To download the license file and the software, please follow the links and instructions inside your subscription area. 

Some course modules feature activities using our real-time HIL devices. If you are following the course without using a supported HIL device, you will follow the whole course in Virtual HIL mode (non-real time PC emulation of the HIL device).


Existing users


If you are an existing user you are probably a proud owner of one or more real-time HIL devices. Your device license may or may not include the toolboxes under premium toolboxes package. This means that if you want to follow certain modules hands-on, you may experience limitations in features or library components depending on the toolboxes included in your device license. Don’t worry! As you are formally enrolled in the course, you also get the same HIL Academy license as users who don’t have a HIL device, meaning you can experience the same premium features/components while in Virtual HIL mode. You just need to import the course license file.  

Of course, you are always more than welcome to reach out to us for information on commercial terms for upgrading your device license so that these features become available for use with your HIL devices. 


  1. When importing the license, please make sure you use Import license and not the Change license button in the License panel.  
  1. After you’ve imported the license, your existing HIL devices cannot be used with it. If you are finished or taking a break from courses, and want to get back to using your HIL devices, you should revert to your device license file. Just repeat the import procedure. 

You can find detailed information on licensing and managing licenses within Typhoon HIL Control Center in the Typhoon HIL Quick Start user guide (also available offline in the Documentation Hub).  


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