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Our Values - Community.

We believe in the power of knowledge as the only true equalizer. We hope free and open access to a vast community knowledge and experience in the burgeoning field of DIGITAL POWER will inspire and empower you to keep working relentlessly towards making our electrical energy systems more efficient, more sustainable, and more equitable.


The best way to invest your time is to invest in your knowledge. Learn how to design, test and validate future power systems from power industry experts.


HIL Academy supports you in this by giving you free courses, accessible by everyone and from anywhere.


Join the power electronics community and master model- and simulation-based systems engineering tools. Then, apply your knowledge and new skills.


The knowledge you can gain at HIL Academy will empower you to take part in transitioning our planet to a sustainable energy future.

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Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil

Faculty of Technical Sciences, Serbia

Federal University of Pampa (Unipampa), Brazil

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, US

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Federal University of Pampa (Unipampa), Brazil