Applications Bootcamp: Upskill your career.

Applications Bootcamp is a 100% hands-on career development program that will help you better understand what it takes to fulfill an engineering role requiring modern engineering techniques and tools.

What is the Applications Bootcamp?

The Applications Bootcamp is a 100% hands-on career development program co-hosted by HIL Academy and Typhoon HIL. The program will help you get a better understanding of what it takes to excel in an engineering role in modern industries committed to digitalization and electrification. Your engineering and soft skills will be put to the test through a variety of tasks based on the real-life challenges of model-based engineering, hardware-in-the-loop, real-time simulation, and computer science. Most tasks are based on individual work, but there may also be opportunities to team up with other participants and even take part in dedicated events like hackathons.

The program is conducted remotely, entirely self-paced, and free to join with no obligations for the first participants.


Access the material from any computer.


Participate on your own time.


Join using your Typhoon HIL account with no obligations and, for a limited time, no cost.

Why take part in the Applications Bootcamp?

Professional and personal growth

Professional reference from industry

Job search assistance

Your models and libraries could be signed & published in the Typhoon HIL Control Center official release

Your application notes could be signed & published on Typhoon HIL web pages

Your tutorials could be published on the Typhoon HIL YouTube channel

Promotion through HIL Academy and Typhoon HIL marketing channels

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a pre-requisite to join?

Applications Bootcamp is available to anyone who has completed the HIL Specialist 2.0 specialization on HIL Academy. 

What engineering skills will I get to practice?

Broadly speaking, this program prepares you for any industry where electrical engineering plays a dominant role. Fundamentally, the bootcamp covers power electronics and power systems modeling and simulation. Enhance your skills in control engineering, signal processing, and computer and embedded programming for testing digitally controlled systems. 

What soft skills will I get to practice?

Depending on the availability of tasks and your personal preference, you will get the chance to practice one, several, or even all of the following: Problem analysis, requirements specifications, customer interaction, presentation skills, project management, and leadership.  

How long is the program?

The whole program is self-paced and doesn’t have an end, unless you wish to end it. Some tasks will have a time limit, but without any implications on your eligibility to continue the program. 

Who are the program mentors?

All program mentors are Typhoon HIL engineers. 

What if I don’t have access to Typhoon HIL equipment?

You can access most program materials simply by having internet access and Typhoon HIL Control Center installed on your computer. Remote access to equipment can also be provided when deemed necessary. 

Can I consider the Applications Bootcamp as an internship?

While some tasks may be similar to those given to interns, this program is not equivalent to an internship. 

What are authorship credits?

If your contributions (models, libraries, application notes, tutorials, etc.) receive a high evaluation for content novelty and quality, we will work with you to publish them in official Typhoon HIL releases and on the Typhoon HIL website with authorship information listed (your name, organization, etc.). Here is an example of authored content. This can be used either to promote your organization or as a unique letter of reference for personal promotion. 

When does the program start?

Currently, the program is accepting participants.

Please login/register in order to apply for the Bootcamp.